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Show your Down Syndrome pride by helping us design the 2022 Pensacola Buddy Walk shirt.  Review the guidelines below and submit your design by Friday, July 8th to

2019 BW.png
- The official Buddy Walk logo must be on the front of the shirt and must be the focus of the design, the words "National Down Syndrom Society" and "Buddy Walk" must be legible and cannot be removed from the logo. 
- The four colors of the logo cannot be altered unless changed to all black or all white.  Therefore there can be a maximum of four colors on the t-shirt.  We can adjust your colors if necessary to be sure they match.  (Official colors are further explained here.) 
Screenshot 2022-06-13 210915.png
BW ribbon.png
- The ribbon located on the left side of the logo may be moved to the right side, placed on top, or removed entirely.  
- Have fun and be creative!  We can't wait to see what you come up with.  Winners get bragging rights, 10 free t-shirts to share with friends and family, and recognition at the Buddy Walk.      

Official Logo Digital Files

NDSS-BW logo.png
BW ribbon.png
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